Our Approach.

We live TechnologyLife.™

Aramark Healthcare Technologies helps healthcare organizations of all sizes optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of their clinical equipment, while reducing manufacturer service contract spend, maximizing asset utilization and improving physician, nurse, clinician and patient satisfaction.

How do we do it?

By working with our customers to think about and use their resources differently. To look at technology differently. To make it a way of thinking and working. A way of life…

TechnologyLife™ is a business and service approach unique to Aramark Healthcare Technologies that uses technology to solve the problems of healthcare.

Our proprietary TechnologyLife™ service strategy brings together a full complement of components from which we pull to create the customized solutions that best meet our customers’ needs:

  • Depth and Scale—with 30 years of experience and more than 1.7 million pieces of equipment worth more than $5 billion across 500 client organizations, Aramark Healthcare Technologies has the stability, scale and infrastructure to support client’s needs, regardless of size
  • Service by Design—providing the exact, custom designed level of service our customers need. Ranging from full-service solutions for large, multi-state networks, to individual service components for smaller, independent facilities, all taking into account each organization’s unique inventory and budget requirements
  • Workforce Management—recruiting, retaining and developing the most talented professionals, through customer service, technical and management training programs
  • Supply Chain—leveraging our national buying power and in-house resources to create greater value and cost-savings for customers
  • Evidenced-Based Clinical Equipment Maintenance—using proven protocols to minimize equipment failures and keep equipment functioning at optimal levels
  • Thought Leadership—leading the industry with a unique perspective on CE/IT integration and equipment interoperability, and team members who serve in local and national industry associations
  • Technology-Driven Solutions—using advanced technology to track equipment status, enhance visibility, monitor requests, track metrics and share information in real-time
  • Inventory Management—helping customers track, deploy, manage and procure assets to balance service and cost, and decrease their reliance on rental and leased equipment
  • Equipment Life Cycle Management—offering an in-depth assessment of technology currently in use, as well as capital planning and acquisition recommendations for the future
  • Logistical Programs—using distribution systems that track and capture equipment data and location to ensure the right equipment is in the right place, at the right time

Ultimately, we are healthcare service providers. With TechnologyLife™, we help our customers change the way they think about and use their resources, so they can transform their entire enterprise.

Using technology, we help drive healthcare forward.

We live TechnologyLife.™